Building Something New Together

While remaining dedicated to local businesses






smart businesses


investment in infrastructure


enhanced safety and crime deterrence


stronger relationships among community

A New Vision

Together we’ll create a vibrant, thriving neighborhood with walkable retail while positioning San Marco East as a target enterprise destination among our region’s business community.

What people are saying

“I’m excited about all of the development occurring along the Philips Highway corridor—it’s long overdue. SMEBA has been at the forefront in helping the areas transition and is dedicated to ensuring that the momentum continues.”

LeAnna Cumber
District 5 Councilwoman

“Prescott Group is excited to do our part to support the transformation of the neighborhood. The enhancements we’ve made to San Marco East Plaza help Jacksonville offer a unique and dynamic campus complete with increased green spaces, community areas and new activities.”

Jud Pankey
CEO & Founder
Prescott Group

“The San Marco East Corridor offers a great mix of business, retail and growing residential opportunities in an urban setting poised for growth. We’re excited to be part of the San Marco East Business Association as it continues to champion the development of this burgeoning region.”

Jeff Rosen
Chance Partners

“SMEBA demonstrates the great things that can happen when a group of business leaders who are dedicated to their community come together in common purpose. I’m proud of the work this group has accomplished, and continues to accomplish, for our corridor and for our city. You haven’t seen anything yet!”

Bryan Croft
HC Brands

Meet the founders

Jeff Rosen

Chance Partners

Steve Fernandez

HC Brands

Andy Kaufmann

Jacksonville Icemen

Frank Cofer

Prescott Group

Bryan Croft

HC Brands

Craig Meek

The Meek Companies

Watch What Develops

We are an alliance of businesses, civic leaders and citizens working to uplift the north Philips Highway corridor, known as the San Marco East Neighborhood—a gateway to historic San Marco, the Southbank and other developing downtown neighborhoods.

Walk through the ages


“The Grand Strand” entertainment district

Philips Highway Plaza opens

Shifting demographics, dwindling traffic

Market Square outlet mall

San Marco Development Association formed

San Marco East Business Association formed

Chance Partners begins work on San Marco Promenade

Prescott Group purchases and transforms former Metro Square to San Marco East Plaza

I-95 Overland Bridge / King Street / Atlantic Blvd. /  US-1 Interchange is opened

Chance Partners begins work on The Exchange & Barlow

RF SMART relocates its global headquarters to San Marco East Plaza campus

ALDI opens

Jacksonville Icemen start development of the IGLOO headquarters & entertainment complex

San Marco East Plaza continues its transformation through campus enhancements and improvements

The Barlow and Exchange offer almost 500 luxury residential units

The IGLOO embarks on massive renovations through 2022

The San Marco Promenade apartments will open Phase 2 with 226 new residential units

In the News